Dualsense Haptic Vibration on PC

Tutorial: How to get HD Vibration haptics works for all PC games

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Download Notes
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OBS Need to always running to get HD vibration.
Steam Games Works best on native steam games.
EqualizerAPO Install and enable "speakers - wireless controller"
EqualizerAPO Config Extract to C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config
(optional) Destiny 2 Config Extract to C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config

  • 1. Plug dualsense to PC via USB
  • 2. Install EqualizerAPO and select Wireless Controller Speakers
  • 3. Download the EqualizerAPO config and replace the file in C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config
    (you may need to reboot windows to make the new config apply)
  • 4. Press start, type configuration, and open configuration editor.
  • 5. Make sure your editor looks like this. Also make sure "device:" is set to "Spakers - wireless controller". If it looks different, close the editor, replace the config file again, then reboot.
  • 6. Install OBS and run it
  • 7. Create a new scene, lets name it dualsense
  • 8. click the gear icon in AUDIO MIXER
  • 9. click advanced audio properties
  • 10. on DESKTOP AUDIO, set the Audio Monitoring to "Monitor only (mute output)", then click close.
    Please scroll down to "OPTIONAL SETUP" if the vibration is not good enough
  • 11. click file, settings
  • 12. click Audio, and set MONITORING DEVICE to "Speakers (wireless controller)", then click OK.

  • If you want to use DS4windows, make sure to stick with the DEFAULT profile. Now as long as dualsense LED stays in pink/purple, the HD vibration will work together just fine with normal vibration.

    (should make the vibration more consistent)
  • 1. add new "sources" (press + icon on "sources" tab)
  • 2. click "audio output capture"
  • 3. I named it as "HDMI" because im using HDMI audio out
  • 4. on the "Device", set it to your current output (i set mine to my HDTV HDMI), and click OK.
  • 5. Click the GEAR icon on "audio mixer"
  • 6. click "advanced audio properties"
  • 7. set your new audio capture that you just added to "monitor only (mute output)". Click close.

  • Troubleshooting
  • - No HD vibration: Simply exit OBS and open OBS again.
  • - Controller no longer work on steam: full computer reboot.

  • Issues
  • - only randomly work for non-steam games thats been added into steam
  • - works with DS4windows app as long as the lightbar color didn't change from default pink/purple.
  • - ALL low frequency audio will be transformed into HD haptic vibration. So you will feel not only the rumbling of explosions but also the sweet subsonic music (especially Cyberpunk 2077 with its ridiculous variety of music with subsonic sounds).

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    SUWI 2020 should also work for P.T. Silent Hills on PS5 thanks to PS4 back compat (it was not part of the 10 incompatible games). You can download it as long as you have the license.